Triage For Reception Staff

This would be a session for the whole practice team, in particular GP's and reception staff.  Depending on what your practice expects of the reception team you would explore issues with patients needing urgent assessment, patients needing urgent prescriptions, how to manage demand for 'on the day' appointments and still allow advanced booking.  You could discuss how to deal with house call requests.  The session should look to explore how the GP's feel things should ideally be run and then hear what obstacles the reception staff feel would make this hard.  Ideally at the end of the session  a written protocol should be produced that reception can then go back to in the future.  We have felt it necessary to repeat this session every year to update.  An example copy is available if you wish by emailing Dr Herron.


Just to make you aware that the 'Treating Access Toolkit' is now available on the RCGP website.  The link is as follows:
In relation to 'treating' access issues - the tool promotes:
considering the symptoms/making a diagnosis/looking at the severity of the problem/ agreeing how best to treat the problem.
Most Practices have similar problems - but that is not a 'one shoe fits all' fix.  It is important that the whole Practice Team is enaged in interrogating their ways of working and open to making change in an effort to try and improve access.
I think the 'Toolkit' is something that you can make good use of within your Practice.


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