Reception Skills 1


This session can be split into thre sections and at each stage discussions about how your practice succeeds or fails in any area should be encouraged.

  1. Customer care at reception; understand importance of customer care and how applies to patients, learn importance of customer care chain, discover the effects of poor customer care, share standards of customer care which other practices have developed, demonstrate good practice in customer handling
  2. Managing risk at reception; understand why risk management is important to the practice, identify risks in the practice, have an overview of the legislation governing confidentiality, be able to identify ways to manage the risks to confidentiality, test your skills by working through case studies
  3. Dealing with aggression; understand the reasons that can contribute towards aggression, recognise when communication is escalating toward aggression, understand the circle model of violence and where the trigger points are, learn strategies to deescalate aggression, value the status of the patient while protecting your own safety



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